Homeschool Bundle


HOMESCHOOL BUNDLE (Includes The Homeschool Life All-in-One Planner, Growing the Fruit of the Spirit, Homeschooling with Confidence, and the Priority Planner)


The Homeschool Life: All-in-One Planner

The Family Planning section has yearly, monthly, and daily calendars + important information and “to do” lists.  Menu planning and chore charts are included as well. The Goal Setting section will help you get your homeschool year off to a great start by guiding you through setting goals for your family and for each child. The School Planning and Record-Keeping section will guide you as to the important school records to keep, provides assignment sheets to use for each child and information to help you plan well and accomplish all you hope to in this next school year! Also included is a grade calculating Excel document that will ease your load by automatically calculating your student’s grades as you input their scores. The Spiritual Growth section will help you stay close to the Lord and strengthen your faith. Digital Download included: this contains templates for all consumable charts and documents in the Planner so you can reprint as needed! You’ll only need to replace the yearly and monthly calendars which will be available each year in my store. Everything you need to stay organized in one binder!

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Homeschooling with Confidence 

A guidebook and workbook for homeschoolers who want a bit of accountability and encouragement! Topics include starting off right, planning & scheduling, learning styles, managing your home while homeschooling, avoiding resistance, developing a love or learning, choosing curriculum, discipleship & character training, and wrapping up your school year well.

Growing the Fruit of the Spirit: A Guide for Family Bible Study

Growing the Fruit of the Spirit is an effective, character-building guide for family Bible time with plenty of easy-to-use, hands-on activities to help you teach God’s Word in a fun and engaging way to your precious family.

Each chapter contains a character-building study of one fruit of the Spirit from Galatians 5:22-23. An applicable verse from Scripture is given to hide God’s powerful Word in the hearts of your family. Then a short devotional with discussion questions on the specific fruit of the Spirit is followed by hands-on activities to choose from for ages PreK to high school. Each chapter provides ample opportunities to apply God’s truths to your children’s hearts. Watch the character of Jesus Christ grow in your family by God’s power as you go through this study!

Priority Planner

Homeschooling moms can wear a lot of hats: Jesus-follower, wife, mother, homemaker, homeschooler, church-goer, employee, friend, daughter, and more. With so many roles, how can a mom target her time at what matters most? Without planning, it’s easy to misdirect energy toward lower-value projects, leaving higher priorities unfinished. The Priority Planner is a tool to avoid that trap. Focusing attention on key areas, the Priority Planner map’s a mom’s time and activity to align with – and accomplish – the most important work in her life.