Priority Planner


Why a Priority Planner?

Homeschooling moms can wear a lot of hats: Jesus-follower, wife, mother, homemaker, homeschooler, church-goer, employee, friend, daughter, and more. With so many roles, how can a mom target her time at what matters most? Without planning, it’s easy to misdirect energy toward lower-value projects, leaving higher priorities unfinished. The Priority Planner is a tool to avoid that trap. Focusing attention on key areas, the Priority Planner map’s a mom’s time and activity to align with – and accomplish – the most important work in her life.



The Priority Planner is structured around seven priorities that God has entrusted to every homeschooling mom. If you’re married with children, the top three
priorities are non-negotiable, both in importance and order – The Lord, your husband, and your kids. The rest may flex in their given order depending on the season of life and your family’s needs. This ordered list is not meant to burden you, but instead to serve you as a tool and flexible framework to guide your days and industry.