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Are you a homeschool parent, or just considering it?  Maybe you’re feeling a little discouraged? Or overwhelmed?  Or you have some questions about specifics related to homeschooling? You’ve come to the right place!   

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Our desire is to provide encouragement and support for parents who are home educating their children. Check out our blog and resources available here to help you in your homeschool journey!

We also speak for homeschool groups – check out the speaking page to see topics offered.

We’d also be happy to meet with you individually to help you with your homeschool questions and concerns. 

With God’s help you can homeschool with confidence! 

~ Kris & Trisha


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The Homeschool Life: All-in-One Planner

Homeschool all-in-one planner

Free download Planner Calendar – you write in year and dates

Free Calendar

Homeschooling with Confidence

Homeschool with confidence

Growing the Fruit of the Spirit

Growing the fruit of the spirit

Informal Learning Style Assessment

Learning style assessment