Recommended websites, games and books

Some of the Very Best Resources for Homeschoolers

MACHE  Minnesota Association of Christian Home Educators; MACHE has great homeschool resources and helpful articles available on their website. I highly encourage you to attend their annual conference in April.

HSLDA Home School Legal Association; a homeschool organization that helps homeschool families with legal issues as well as many other aspects of home educating their children.

National Home Education Research Institute (NHERI)  **see the latest NHERI report on research about homeschooling

Smoothing the Way  Mary James; a course for those just getting started in homeschooling

Cathy Duffy’s curriculum reviews:  great curriculum reviews written by a veteran homeschooler

Growing Kids for the Kingdom – Raising our Children to Know and Love God, Reflect His Character, and Share His Love with Others

Let’s Homeschool High School: Transcript Template

Building Your Own Curriculum: Facebook Group

Credits Before College  Learn about getting college credits while in high school using CLEP & DSST. 

Cultivated Lives—Heather Haupt  Heather is a homeschool mom, speaker, and blogger

Career/Personality Testing with Career Direct 

Village School of the Bible: Provides a deep and thorough study of God’s Word plus college credit as well.  For high school students and above. A resource for free Bible studies and discipleship material to help you disciple your children to know and love the Lord.

Sparknotes:  A great resource for information and a quick overview of many subjects and pieces of literature.

World Magazine Online: Written with a Christian view of the news for the whole family

Thrifty and Thriving: 10 Simple Ways to Put Money Back in Your Pocket Today Written by Jennie Lodien, homeschool mom (a great resource to help you save money as you homeschool!)

Teaching your Children about Finances Lessons and activities by age on how to teach your children about money by

College Bound Teens: Financial Advice A thorough explanation of the various ways to help fund college and how to apply for the FAFSA, etc. ~ lots of great advice for any college bound student by

Character Building Resources:
The Book of Virtues – We used this book along with scripture to teach various character qualities that we were working on – it has fun stories.
Young Peacemaker – A great resource with scripture to help your children learn to deal with conflict God’s way
Making Brothers and Sisters Best Friends  A book written by three homeschooled siblings with great stories to help build close relationships in your family.
The Miller Family Series  a series of stories that teach godly character – our kids loved them!  There’s an activity booklet that goes with this called The Character Companion written by Kristyn Hage
Christian Heroes Then and Now – these are stories of famous Christian missionaries that inspire godly character
Mental Health and Addiction Resources

Addiction Group  Information on alcohol, drugs, addiction treatment and resources. A great resource if you or someone you love struggles with addiction.

Mental Health Minnesota Our mission is to enhance mental health, promote individual empowerment, and increase access to treatment and services for persons living with mental illness. They offer peer support, a help line, public policy advocacy, education and outreach and a mental health ambassador program plus a wealth of information on mental health issues.

Mental Health America – similar to Mental Health Minnesota, but for the entire nation. Many resources available here.

National Alliance on Mental Illness ( offers classes, support groups, and a wealth of information. 

Mental Health First Aid Course  take a course to learn how to help those who struggle with mental illness and recognize danger signs

 The Heart and Mind Connection  offers programs and training as well as peer support 


Recommended reading for the home school parent
The Ultimate Guide to Homeschooling
     by Debra Bell
A great book for those just getting started in home education.

Charlotte Mason Companion
     for those interested in learning more about the Charlotte Mason approach to education.

Educating the Wholehearted Child
     by Clay & Sally Clarkson
Excellent resource for home educators with a lot of helpful information.

The Three R’s
     by Ruth Beechick
A simple but very helpful book that helps set the overall goals of teaching the “three R’s.”

Homeschooling at the Speed of Life
     by Marilyn Rockett
A helpful book for learning how to set priorities in your homeschooling.

The Way They Learn
by Cynthia Tobias
A great book on learning styles.

The Christian Homeschool
     by Gregg Harris
A great resource to understand homeschooling; Contains a chapter on Delight Directed Studies.

Shepherding a Child’s Heart
     by Tedd Tripp
Teaches the importance of looking at the root issues of the heart when disciplining.

Special Needs Resources

SPED Homeschool: a resource for families homeschooling children with special needs

Neurodevelopmental Evaluations In-home NeuroDevelopmental brain evaluations, training programs and products.

Brain Integration Therapy & Right Brain Learning: Learn how to correct and bypass learning glitches at home.

Homeschooling with Dyslexia: a wealth of information to help you teach a child with dyslexia

Resources for teaching a child with autism:   This website has links to assistive technology and more for helping your autistic child.

Innovative Speech Therapy – Joan L. Green is a speech pathologist with a desire to help parents with children who struggle with speech issues and other educational issues. She’s also written an excellent book called Assistive Technology in Special Education

Therapy at Home options

Free Online Assessment Tools for Evaluating Your Struggling Learner

Cerebral Palsy Caregiver Resources

Autism support: – information on autism – education on autism – school options are explored, including homeschooling – resources related to autism


Mod Math:  free ipad app that helps kids with dysgraphia and dyslexia do math

Kahn Academyfree video teaching for most math concepts,

My Script Calculator: changes written math into type and helps calculate


Orton Gillingham Reading programs for the struggling reader: 

Toe by Toe  and Stride Ahead Reading program for the struggling reader

High Noon Books and Reading programs: this site has high interest/low level reading options for older students who struggle with reading, plus some reading curriculum to help

Learning Ally audio books for kids with dyslexia and other learning struggles

Overdrive: e-books and audio books for free

Librivox – audiobooks for free

Read to Go:  ebook reader app with special features for LD students

Assistive technology to support students with reading and writing difficulties:

AcceleRead & AcceleWrite: Guide to Using Talking Computers to Help Children Learn to Read and Write 

Lucid Memory Booster- Memory Training for Children 

Voice Dream Reader – turn text to speech

Voice Dream Writer proof reads your voice to text writing

Dragon – speech recognition software

Notetaking help:

Notability: a note taking app for Apple

AudioNote:  notes link to voice recordings

Games: Early Math Skill Games:
  • Candyland  This classicis fors  for ages 3-6 and helps teach colors as well as building fine motor skills for little ones. It’s a great introduction to games!Recommended websites, games and books
  • Chutes & Ladders  Another classic game for preschoolers up to age 7 that helps children learn to play games while building basic counting skills. Recommended websites, games and books
  • Snakes & Ladders  Another classic game for kids that helps reinforce counting and numbers learning. For ages 6+. this version is magnetic so it’s great for on the go learning! Recommended websites, games and books
  • Hungry Hungry Hippos  Another great preschool to early elementary age game that’s wild and crazy but helps kids learn to count!Recommended websites, games and books
Games: Elementary math skills:
    • Prodigy Math  online games for learning math
    • Adapted mind math –  math lessons & games for grades K-6
    • Khan Academy – free online courses, lessons and practiceMath Marks the Spot:  for ages 5+ to teach number recognition, colors, adding and subtraction
      • Math Mat- Interactive talking math floor mat game challenges students to listen to an equation, do the math, and step on the correct answer. This Math Mat Challenge Game teaches numbers, counting, addition and subtraction up to the number 20. Ages 4+Recommended websites, games and books
      • Snap-it Up Math  In this fast-paced game, players pick and pass numbers as fast as they can, using adding and subtracting as they do. Great for ages 6+.Recommended websites, games and books
      • Sum Swamp Addition & Subtraction  Imagine hiking through a swampy path using math skills such as adding and subtracting to find your way! Great for ages 5+.Recommended websites, games and books
      • Roll-a-dollar (money game)  Using die with coin amounts on them you shake and try to earn a dollar!   Player shakes 4 dice at a time, and they get 2 rolls per turn –  if  they don’t reach a dollar, no points earned. One point for every time you reach a dollar on a turn. 20 points wins! You can also use the die to match what’s on the die with actual money to learn money value. Recommended websites, games and books
      • Dino Math Tracks If you have a child that loves dinosaurs, this game is for you! It teaches place value, counting, addition, and subtraction for children ages 6+.Recommended websites, games and books
      • Smath  Playing crossword with numbers for ages 6+.  Great for learning addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Recommended websites, games and books
      • Uno  Earn points from others players when you go out first. Teaches matching, colors, numbers and strategy for ages 7+.Recommended websites, games and books
      • Skip-O  One of my all-time favorites because I played it with my grandma, teaches number order and strategy, for ages 7+.Recommended websites, games and books
      • NMBR9 (ages 8+ – strengthens adding, multiplication skills, plus critical thinking skills & spatial recognition)          Recommended websites, games and books
      • Heppner’s Math Games Galore package
      • Math Games Galore!
      • Math War (deck of cards without face cards, each layer turns over 2 cards, adds them together, whoever has highest points gets all the cards for that round)
      • Dominoes (child makes up problems as they put the dominoes together) Double Six Professional Dominoes - White with Black Dots, Case Color May Very
      • Right Start Math – A math curriculum for the hands on learner that has a wide variety of games
      • Dragonwood a game with dice for ages 8+ a fun way to practice basic math skills
      • Recommended websites, games and books
      • Sushi-go  A fun game for 8+-year-olds that reinforces probability, strategic thinking, and visual discriminationRecommended websites, games and books

      Act Your Wage (Dave Ramsey) – a great way to teach your kids money management and budgeting for ages 10+.

Games: Geography Games

  • Risk – ages 10+, 2-5 players, strategy skills  Recommended websites, games and books
  • Ticket to Ride – ages 7+, 2-5 players, fun game for the family, strategy building skills, planning skills (cities are not always in exactly the correct geographical location)
Days of Wonder Ticket To Ride
  • Hit the Habitat Trail – ages 8+, 2-6 players, features the habitats of the world – knowledge cards ask wonderful questions and give the answers too! Wisdom cards tell the hazards to the environment.
Stack the States
Games: Language Arts Games

Some wonderful games for developing reading readiness skills are: (these may contain affiliate links)

Peaceable Kingdom Alphabet Go Fish Letter Matching Card Game - 52 Cards with Box

Here are some games for developing phonics, reading and spelling skills:

Bananagrams WildTiles Vocabulary Building and Spelling Improvement Lettered Tile Game for Ages 7 and Up
ThinkFun Zingo Sight Words Early Reading Game
  • Quiddler (ages 8-adult, includes solitaire version)

Once our children are fluent readers, there are some fun games for the older child that continue to build language arts skills:

Taboo Board Game

Games: Logic/Strategy Games

Trash Pandas — Silly card and dice game.  Requires adding and thinking skillsRecommended websites, games and books

  • Castle Logix: For children ages 3-8, problem solving puzzle with fun blocks, Helps develop logic and spatial reasoning skillsRecommended websites, games and books
  • AnimaLogicGreat problem solving puzzle game for ages 5-adult, Strengthens object recognition, sequencing skills, matching abilities, logic, critical thinking, creative thinkingRecommended websites, games and books
  • Hive – Critical thinking. An interesting take on a chess type gamRecommended websites, games and books
  • Rush Hour – (ages 8+) helps with critical thinking, reasoning and planning skills, and judgment skills, recommended by vision therapist alsoRecommended websites, games and books
  • Tip Over– (ages 8+) teaches critical thinking, problem-solving and strategy development
  • Clue – (ages 8+) problem-solving skills  Recommended websites, games and books
  • Outfoxed – a cooperative game for ages 5+, 2-4 playersRecommended websites, games and books
  • Catan ages 8+, 3-4 players, strategy, problem-solving, planning Recommended websites, games and books
  •  Village – ages 12+, great for building planning, strategy skills Recommended websites, games and books
  • 7 Wonders – ages 10+, 3-7 players, critical thinking skills, strategy skills Recommended websites, games and books
  • Istanbul – ages 10+, critical thinking skills, strategy skills  Recommended websites, games and books
  • Race to the Treasure – ages 5+, 2-4 players, a cooperative game where players  work together to beat the ogre to the treasure
  • Chess – ages 6+, a classic strategy game
  • Quirkle – ages 6+, sorting, counting, patterns, stacking, spacial recognition, planning, and problem-solving skills. Recommended websites, games and books
  • Quixx – ages 8+, 2-5 players, reinforces probability, mat, and strategic thinking Recommended websites, games and books
  • Carcassone – ages 8+, 2-5 players, strategy, planning skills
  • Goblet Gobblers – ages 5+, 2 players, strategy game Recommended websites, games and books
  • Blokus – ages 7+, 2-4 players, a great strategy game for the whole family Recommended websites, games and books
Games: Other fun educational games or games you can modify to fit your subject learned:
Memory Game – for all ages, make your own game using index cards. Write words or draw pictures of things you want your kids to memorize, make 2 of every card. You can use this for working on letters, sight words, numbers, addition problems (make one card with an addition problem and another with the answer), etc.  Place all the cards face down on the table, take turns turning over two each, looking for matches. When you get a match, you go again. The person with the most matches at the end of the game wins.

Go Fish – for all ages, make this game like the Memory game above (you can use the cards for either of these games). Deal out 7 cards to each player and set the rest of the cards in the middle for a draw pile. Then player #1 asks another player if they have the match to one of their cards. If the player they ask doesn’t have the match, they say “go fish”, and player #1 draws a card from the draw pile. Next player #2 asks another player if they have the match to one of his cards, and if they do, they must give it to player #2. If a match is found, then player #2 goes again until he has to “go fish”.  The play continues on until all the cards are gone, the player with the most matches wins.

Sidewalk chalk – for all ages, use sidewalk chalk to make games on the sidewalk such as hopscotch or to write letters or numbers or draw pictures.

Pictionary – team game, ages 8+, drawing skills, thinking skills

The Game of Life – ages 8+, great game to understand what life is like, full of surprises

Horseopoly – ages 8+, 2-6 players, great for those who love horses

Animal Tracks –  ages 5+, 2 or more players, learn about animal tracks by matching the animal to their tracks

Games: Other Fun Games to Play as a Family…
Bible Trivia – ages 7+, 2-4 players or teams

Pop the Pig – ages 4+, 2-6 players, silly but fun!

Big Bingo Bundle – ages 6+, a fun way to learn core alphabet, number, object, and arithmetic skills. Develops memory, listening, literacy and matching skills.Recommended websites, games and books

Skippety – ages 5+, 2-4 players, Skippity is the perfect game to hone player’s tactical maneuvers, strategical planning, and forward thinking. Recommended websites, games and books

Ocean Raiders –  math game for grades 1 and above, addition skills, 2-4 playersRecommended websites, games and books

Rack-O – ages 8+, 2-4 players

Pit – ages 7+, 3-8 players, a fast-paced, loud game that will thrill the whole family

Winning Moves Games Deluxe Pit

Othello – ages 7+, 2 player, strategy

Rat-a-tat Cat – 2-6 players, children’s card game that helps develop timing and basic mathematical concept and teaches strategy, memory building, and addition.

Taboo – ages 13+, 4+ players, fun word game

Professor Noggins Educational Trivia games – several versions: History of the World, Wonders of Science, Human Body, Insects and Spiders, Wonders of the World, Ancient Civilizations, American Revolutions, Presidents of the US, Civil War, Reptiles and Amphibians, Earth Science, Countries of the World, North American Wildlife, Safari Wildlife, History of Art, Horses, Birds of America, Medieval times. Farm, Baseball, Outer Space, & History of the US

Forbidden Island – ages 10+, 2-4 players, Strategic thinking, problem-solving and cooperation required

Uno game ages 7+, 2-10 players

Battleship – ages 7+, 2 players, strategy game

Battleship Board Game with Planes, Ages 7 and up (Amazon Exclusive)

NMBR9 – a fun game for 1-4 players, math skills

Nmbr 9

Azul – a fun game of strategy and planning, ages 8+, 2-4 players

HexHive – ages 8+, single player

Games: Physical Education
Fitivities – ages 6+, 2-24 players, fitness games for the family or co-op class, great fun!

Bean Bag Toss – Triumph 2-in-1 Three-Hole Bags and Washer Toss Combo with Two Game Platforms Featuring On-Board Scoring, Six Square Toss Bags, and Six Washers

Twister  –  ages 6+, fun team building game. Add a TWIST: using foam circles, write letters or numbers on them, then lay them out on the floor and call out not just the color and whether it’s the right or left hand or right or left foot, but also the letter or number they need to put it on)

Twister Ultimate Game


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