Navigating High School Bundle


The Navigating High School Student Guidebook and Priority Planner work together to help you plan our your high school years and prepare yourself for your future after graduation as you develop the habits of keeping your priorities first in your day to day life. These books will help you live a successful life following God’s principles in high school and beyond! CHOOSE EITHER THE TEAL OR ROSE COLOR OPTION FOR YOUR PLANNER & GUIDEBOOK.

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The Navigating High School Bundle includes the High School Priority Planner and the High School Guidebook at a discounted rate.

Navigating High School Priority Planner:
As a high school student, you likely have a lot to juggle in your schedule. When you’re busy, it’s easy to unintentionally place less important tasks or activities above the Lord, or above the people or things that you consider a high priority in your life. This priority planner will help you think through your priorities and keep them first in your schedule each week, plus it’ll help you plan and organize your school assignments, home responsibilities, and extra activities as well. It contains a monthly calendar, followed by four priority planning pages, four time block schedule, a place to write goals for the month, and a place to list something you’re thankful for each day. This planner will help you accomplish all you hope to each week and keep your priorities first too!

Navigating High School Student Guidebook:
Determining what you need to do during high school to prepare for life after graduation can feel a bit overwhelming. What courses should you take over these four years? What are the key things to learn? How can you best prepare yourself for success in your future?

The first key to success and finding purpose is developing a deep, abiding walk with God. This guidebook will help you foster spiritual habits that can lead to continued spiritual growth throughout your life.

It also covers the following essential areas you’ll need to develop:

Understanding your own personal strengths & weaknesses
Learning to set goals
Developing needed life skills
Learning to manage your time well
Managing your personal finances
Determining a career path that fits you well (Includes a Career Development Course)
Planning your high school course schedule and what needs to be done each year.

Both books have two color choices available: TEAL or ROSE, please note which one you prefer.

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